I’m Giovanni Mancini, the President of Treadstone Risk Management LLC in New Jersey.  This course is my fourth at BU in my pursuit of the BU Masters of Science in Insurance Management. Collegiate classroom education, even virtual learning, has been absent from my life since my undergraduate career came to an end in 2010. After wrapping up the CPCU, the prospect of attaining my Masters became more appealing.

The majority of my professional life is consumed by the New Jersey Public Sector where I provide property & casualty/risk management services to NJ Schools Districts and Municipal Governments. It has been both rewarding and exhausting as the bulk of the work is done in 2-3 month intervals leading up to renewal season. Due to a large appetite for education, I find myself continuously contemplating the next academic challenge available. Due to, perhaps, a fear of complacency, I find the periods between challenges always shortening. Until just a few weeks ago, I was the Director of the Public Entities Division of CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc.  The firm I worked for out of college was purchased in an asset acquisition by CBIZ, Inc. in 2014. I credit much of my career success to the hours spent molding and provoking my young mind by my mentor and former boss. He hired me from college for my first job as an Account Manager at his Insurance Agency and has provided me with enough knowledge and opportunity to create a career path for myself. I firmly believe that when someone invests their time and patience in you, it’s important to reward them with achievement.  I founded Treadstone Risk Management LLC in late 2016 where I will continue to work with Public Entities and private sector clients.  My firm’s website is currently being finished up prior to launch later this month.