by Matthew A. Struck, CPCU, ARM – November 26, 2017

The most effective risk management programs are achieved through buy-in throughout the entire organization. From the janitor’s office all the way up to the C-suite, everyone needs to be on board. So how do you achieve an organization-wide risk management culture?

Benefits of an Organization-wide RM Culture
  • Lower claims costs
  • Lower likelihood of catastrophic claims
  • Better ability to capitalize on opportunistic risks
  • Empowered workforce that has a vested interest in the Risk Management culture of the organization
  • Higher levels of efficiency and productivity
  • Achievement of operational and financial goals
  • Stronger brand image and higher levels of good-will
Best Practices for Achieving an Organization-wide RM Culture 
  • Establish your commitment to risk management in your handbook
  • Require that the commitment to risk management comes from the top of the organization – Leadership should lead by example and never embody “Do as I say, not as I do.”
  • Commit to training your personnel to achieve a higher standard of job performance as well as deepening their understanding of the organizational culture and values
  • Empower workers at every level to be able to contribute to the risk management culture – regardless of seniority, any worker should be able to call a halt to an operation if there is a safety concern or potentially harmful condition
  • Establish and consistently stick to chains of communication – never discipline or discourage an employee from elevating a concern; always be accessible to communication at every level of the chain
  • Incentivize good risk management on an organization-wide, division-wide, and individual level – always call attention to positive behavior that reinforces the culture through public communication and recognition
  • Include your risk management professional/s in the crafting of policies and ideas for recognition

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