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Risk Management Through Alternative Health Care

By July 16, 2021Uncategorized

What does Chiropractic and Risk Management have in Common?

You’re putting in place measures today to reduce complications in the future.

Did you know that risk management through alternative health care often offers the highest ROI for businesses?

The inclusion of low-invasive health care programs to your employee health insurance plans can benefit your bottom-line. It often prevents the reoccurrence of issues, escalations (such as to surgery), and injuries. These types of programs can also work to keep your employees healthy.

Keeping employees healthy = better ROI

When we think of employee injuries, we often assume high-risk working environments. However, even sedentary employees are prone to injuries because of their job. So, it’s important to keep your employees healthy to prevent injuries.

This will lower the loss of productivity due to sick days. It can also reduce your liabilities for employee’s worker compensation claims. That’s some of the ways risk management through the inclusion of alternative health care programs works to the benefit of your business.

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Reasons to invest in tailored health care packages

  • Your staff are already looking towards non-pharmacological measures to address their ailments and injuries.
  • You want to attract and retain high-level talent in your organization. These individuals are looking at your company’s benefits packages, including what’s covered under your insurance program.
  • Often, the costs for preventative care are much lower than corrective surgery.

What can you do to improve your ROI for health insurance?

Invest in a health care package that reduces your employees’ risk of injuries, diseases, and the need for surgeries. Finding a quality alternative care partner is, therefore, necessary. Look for one that offers multiple complimentary services. These can include alternative care such as;

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Muscle strengthening (especially if your staff are primarily sedentary)
  • Palliative pain care (stem cell, steroidal, hyaluronic injections)

So, contact Treadstone Risk Management. Let’s help you put together a health care benefits package that not only delivers on your ROI now, but also in the long run.